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Dacing Tree
About Dacing Tree

Thank you for visiting Dacing Tree. I'm the company president and lead programmer. Since I'm the one you will be contacting, you may first want to know a bit about my programming history and Dacing Tree's philosophy.

I've been programming computers since the early 1980s, beginning with dual-floppy PCs and punch cards. I work at a major university where my enterprise applications have been used by thousands of clients throughout the state of Florida. My job taught me about writing programs that are reliable and focused to the specific task at hand.

Over the years, I progressed to bigger and bigger projects that removed me from direct client contact. I missed the fun of working with people, discussing their problems, and providing the solution they needed. So, I started my own company.

Now, while some programmers quit their day job and start up a business with dreams of getting a million-dollar contract, I'm much more practical: I've kept my day job. This allows me the freedom to:

  • 1. Provide personal programming to individuals and businesses who otherwise would not be able to afford such a service if they had to rely on large software companies (who aren't interested in writing the small stuff anyway).

  • 2. Concentrate on just the features you want (I don't have to answer to a marketing department or stockholders).

  • 3. Tell you when I can't do something even if it means I lose the work.

Because of these freedoms, I've been able to create a company with the goal of offering programming services that meets your specific needs. By sharing well-tested, modular code in all of my programs, I can guarantee you a reliable product at a modest cost.

I hope you'll consider Dacing Tree.

Sid Sachs, President

Dacing Tree, Inc.

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