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Dacing Tree

DTSPARK.net - http://www.dtspark.net/
This is our test site for ASP and related MS technology testing and sharing. We also use this site for providing code snippets and notes we found helpful in accomplishing things from our other projects (like Android and IOS apps).

We use the following tools or services with our business or projects and recommend them. These are not paid endorsements.

SpiderOak - http://spideroak.com/
After evaluating many cloud backup services, we decided SpiderOak gave us more than we were looking for. Besides an easy-to-install PC application for setting up and managing your backups, SpiderOak also provides smartphone apps and web access to your backups. You may use their backup application on multiple computers and operating systems - they only charge for storage. They also encrypt your files on your computer before they are sent to their servers, so only you can ever look at their content. (Don't lose your password! SpiderOak does not keep a copy of it.) They also save versions of each file; as a small programming company, this feature removes our need for a separate versioning repository.

HostGator - http://www.hostgator.com/
Whenever I'm asked about Web site hosts, I have no trouble recommending HostGator. Their servers are very reliable, their prices are very reasonable, and their admin options are very easy to use.

Zoho Invoice - https://www.zoho.com/us/invoice/
I use Zoho Invoice to track hours and generate invoices. Very easy to use.

Asana - https://www.asana.com/
I really just use Asana to keep track of project to dos. It's web-based so I can access it from Windows or Mac browsers, and they even have apps.

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