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Dacing Tree

While pricing will depend on the requirements of your project, I have provided some examples below.

How I Work

But first, a bit on how I work. I currently track my time with an app. When I'm working on something, I start the clock. When I stop, or pause to debug, or look up a reference, I stop the clock. This way you're only being charged for the actual work or testing I'm doing for you.

Hourly Price

My hourly rate is $50. I've had this rate since the year 2000. (Why? Because I have a day job.)

I don't have a set minimum (like 15 minutes or some such). If it only takes me 5 minutes to do something for you, the charge will be for 5 minutes.

I provide free estimates.

Project Price

If you have a large project in mind, or you have a list of things you want built or fixed, I can provide a project price. This lets you know up front how the project will fit in with your budget.

For example, if your project required the use of a database, the project price would be based on what kind of data you need to store, what types of reports you need it to produce, and whether you need the ability to load or change the data. It would also probably need to include backup/restore capabilities and log-in protection.

A small database project could be one where you want to let your customers enter or revise contact information, and you can view, edit, or download this information. A project of this kind can start at $500.

A large database project could be one where you need to be able to load financial data and have the application generate several types of reports. Many people need to be able to access the application with differing levels of security. Projects of this kind can start at $2000.

Work beyond the initial project can be paid on an hourly basis, or it may be combined into a new project with its own project price.


Hourly prices are typically billed when I have completed the work. If the work is for an extended period of time I may request payment in portions, over the course of it.

Project pricing payments are negotiated with you when the requirements are being designed. Projects usually have certain intermediate points where if you are satisfied with the work done so far, a payment is made.

Payments may be made by purchase order, check, or Paypal. Credit cards are accepted through the use of Paypal.

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