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Dacing Tree

I concentrate on Web programming and apps.

Web programming usually consists of writing options and features that may not be visible to visitors of your existing site, such as report generation, database access, and information collection or display.

This differs from Web design, which usually requires a graphics designer to come up with a logo and page layout mockups. I prefer not to create Web sites from scratch, because frankly I'm a terrible artist. However I can make something new or similar based on a Web site you may already have or like. I'm just letting you know that Web design is not my main talent.

I have created Android and iOS apps for clients that are in Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Now I'm not adverse to learning new things, and, you don't have to pay for my learning time. For example, a client wanted a site that used Google maps. I'd never programmed these maps before, but I had fun figuring it out.

Here are some of the technologies I've used: PHP, ASPx, Java, Objective-C, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, SQLite.

Please see Dacing Tree's Facebook page for examples of recent work.

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